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Buildings and Grounds Use Form & Calendar

Consult our Building Use Calendar to determine when our facilities are available for use. To request use of our building, please fill out the Building Use Form.


Asbestos Notification

In accordance with the Federal EPA Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA), all public and private school PreK-12 in the United States are required to inspect their facilities for asbestos. An additional requirement of the regulation is that parents and staff are to be informed that the inspection was done. Harrisville Central School has been inspected for both friable and non-friable materials that contain asbestos. All asbestos has been removed from the district’s buildings.

Integrated Pest Management

Schools are required to maintain a list of staff and persons in parental relation who wish to receive forty-eight hour prior written notification of pesticide application at relevant facilities and procedures on how to register with the school to be on such a list for notification. This notice shall be made available at the beginning of summer school session and at the beginning and end of each school year.

Harrisville Central School did not use any products that required prior written notification this past school year.

Proactive Lead Testing Results

School districts are required to report the water testing results to the state and local departments of health, the New York State Education Department and district employees, parents and guardians. View the most recent lead testing results here.

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