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    Bienvenidos a Espanol!

    Welcome to Spanish!

    el mundo  

    Spanish Program Information 


    The mission of the HCS Spanish Program coincides with the mission of the school:


    [to provide] a quality education in a challenging, academic environment, which promotes the student’s ability to become self-directed, life-long learners.

     Incorporating technology as a learning tool into the curriculum helps meet the student’s individual needs, promotes creative problem solvers, collaborative workers and effective communicators.

     By fostering a safe, caring and cooperative environment, students continue to be socially responsible citizens.

     [We] believe it is [our] responsibility to provide all students with a quality education which meets their individual needs. It is [our] mission to provide the

    students, as well as the community, with continuing education and the skills necessary to succeed in a  rapidly changing society.


     Lead With Languages: Make Language Proficiency a National Priority