• Welcome to the Yearbook Club!

    President -   Mia Shampine             Secretary - Lila LaParr

    Vice President -  Evelyn Winters       Treasurer -  Maegan Kackison

     Advisor - Mrs. Kramer
    Members:  Nadia Atkinson, Gabby Coller, Ally Struhl, Madison Hadfield, Harlie Moore, Chloe Benson, Seth Taylor, Zacharie Ouirar.
     Meetings are held every Monday at 3:00 pm.

Scheduled Fundraisers

    Elementary Halloween Dance
    Business Advertising in back of yearbook.
    Sport Picture Packages
    More fundraisers may be planned depending on
    the club funds and the success of each fundraiser.
    Did you know?:
    • Proceeds from each fundraiser are used to supplement the cost of each yearbook making it affordable for everyone.  Without them the cost per book would start at $50 each.
    • Students design each page starting from scratch.
    • Once our order is placed in January for the total number of yearbooks, we can not change the number.
    • Yearbooks with names imprinted on the cover must be ordered by January 31st.