•  Welcome to my classroom!

    I really look forward to our upcoming school year together. My hope is that you grow both as a science student and as a young person. My goal will be to provide you with a learning environment in which you can thrive. I hope you are ready to work hard because learning does require effort on your part. However, we'll have lots of fun also. There is a great joy that comes with new skills and knowledge! 
    Whether you are a student or parent, please feel free to contact me regarding your (or your student's) progress. Communication is the key! Kids: talk to me! I'll know you are interested and you'll have the information you desire. Parents: contact me early and often! I prefer emails because they form a record of our talks. My email address is rjaspersohn@hcsk12.org. If you feel more comfortable, please call me through the school office.
    Thank you,
    Dr. Jaspersohn