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Each year the Harrisville Central School District buses travel more than 100,000 miles. It takes a staff of approximately 10 people and 9 vehicles to safely transport the nearly 450 students in the district each day to and from school, as well as sports and field trips.

Bus Notes

In order to ensure your child’s safe journey to and from school, it is important for children to get on and off the bus at the same stop each day. However, we realize there are times when students need to get off the bus at different places, so exceptions can be made. If this is the case, you must send a signed permission slip to the school in the morning.

All bus notes will need to be called in or handed in by 11 a.m. Notes will not be accepted after 11 a.m. unless it is an emergency.

  • All students PreK-12 require a note to go home to a different location.
  • All students PreK-6 require a note to stay after school with the reason listed.
  • Students who will be getting on and off at a different location each day for the entire school year should contact the school in writing prior to the first day.

Download a printable Bus Note Permission Slip

Things You Should Know About Riding the Bus 

Dress for the Weather

Winter weather can be harsh here in the North Country. Please make sure your child has appropriate clothing for all types of weather. When it snows the buses may experience slight delays. Students need to be warm while waiting for the bus.

Lost Items

Items left on the bus are normally returned to the bus garage and/or main office. Clothing items of all kinds are kept for awhile and then donated to a local charitable organization. Electronic devices and glasses are kept until the end of the school year then given to a charitable organization.

Electronic Devices

Electronic devices shall not be used in any way that threatens, humiliates, harasses, or intimidates any school-related individuals. A student may be asked to shut off and/or put away out of sight any electronic devices that are found to be disruptive to the normal operation of the bus. This decision will be left to the discretion of the bus driver.  

Safety & Security

Danger Zones

There are many blind spots inherent to a school bus because of its size. The area around the perimeter of the school bus is a danger zone. The most dangerous spots are in the front and back right corner.  Parents/Guardians, please talk to your child about these danger zones and make your student aware of these areas.

Proper Crossing Procedures

  • Wait for a signal to cross. A student getting on or off the bus should use the sidewalk and walk in front of the bus and make eye contact with the driver. 
  • When it is clear to cross the driver will give the student the universal signal to cross. As a precaution the student should always look both ways before crossing.
  • The bus horn warns of danger. If a driver blows the horn the student should immediately return to the side of the road which they started crossing from. 
  • When parents are meeting the bus they should wait on the side of the road where the student will be getting off then follow the above procedures for crossing. Parents need to discourage their student from running across the road to greet them.


Security is our top priority. Our staff is always willing to discuss these issues with you and your concerns will be addressed immediately. The bus driver should be notified by a student anytime they feel they are being bullied or are the object of any negative attention.

  • The driver needs to be aware of these circumstances so that they may take appropriate action. 
  • If your student is uncomfortable sharing this information with their driver, please contact the Transportation Department or the Main Office: (315) 543-2707. 
  • In case an incident occurs on our buses, cameras and microphones are equipped to help resolve any situations. 
  • Photographs and video images of students and staff have been classified as personal data under the Data Protection Act of 1998. Therefore, such images are protected under law. 

Contact Us

Angela Robert
Transportation Supervisor
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