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Support Services

The Harrisville Central School District provides a variety of educational programs and services for students with disabilities. These supports are provided in the general education setting as much as possible, based on the individual needs of the student. When necessary, special education classrooms contracted through the local BOCES are necessary to support a student’s instructional program. The Committee on Special Education or the Committee on Preschool Special Education works closely with families and school personnel to develop individual plans to guide the education of students with disabilities. If you feel your youngster may require special education services, please contact the CSE Chairperson.

Notice to Parents

If you suspect that your child may have a physical, cognitive, or emotional disability, you have the right to refer your child to the District’s Committee on Special Education for an evaluation, and a determination as to whether your child is eligible to receive special education services and programs.

More information regarding your rights is set forth in the New York State Education Department’s Parent’s Guide to Special Education.

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Psychological Services

The school psychologist at Harrisville Central School provides a variety of services for students and families focused on child development, school adjustment, social interactions, and learning. Psychological evaluations, usually through the Committee on Special Education, are used to identify and help develop programs for students with learning and/or emotional needs. In addition to evaluations, school psychologists may be involved in screening or counseling students who exhibit adjustment problems in the school setting.

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Speech and Language Services

Speech and language services are provided to students individually or in small groups to address both articulation and language development concerns. A certified therapist works closely with classroom teachers and parents to provide suggestions to support speech and language goals in the classroom and in conversational speech.

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Occupational Therapy Services

School-based occupational therapy is designed to enhance a student’s ability to fully access and be successful in the learning environment to help to prepare for and perform important learning and school-related activities to fulfill their role as students.  In school, the occupational therapist may be involved by facilitating any or all of the following areas that may interfere with a child’s educational performance: self-help skills, fine, gross and visual motor skills, sensory processing and visual processing skills. 

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Physical Therapy Services

School-based physical therapy is designed to enhance a student’s ability to complete activities requiring a great deal of balance, running, kicking a ball, completing a jumping jack, etc. and other school-related activities.  Research has also found that the inability to complete activities which require you to cross the mid-line (center of your body) or work your opposite sides together when completing a task is common in children with reading and math difficulties!  As you read, your eyes must cross the mid-line in a left to right manner.  When completing math concepts, it is difficult to count up a number line if you do not like to reach from your right to your left!  In school, the physical therapist may be involved by facilitating the use of gross motor (large muscle movements) activities through designed “play” and other activities to strengthen these muscle groups.

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