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Grade Promotion and Placement

Promotion Guidelines

Promotion or retention of a student will be based on a study of various information. A recommendation for retention will rarely be based on any single consideration. In general, students who fail one course may be promoted with the faculty’s recommendation. However, summer school will be recommended to pass the failed course. Students who fail two or more courses may be retained unless the failed courses are successfully completed in summer school.

Information used to determine promotion or retention: 

  1. Grades in the “core” courses: Math, Science, Social Studies and English, and in the combination of all the special area courses. 
  2. Chronological age. 
  3. Ability and potential. 
  4. Past record of retentions. 
  5. Attendance. 
  6. Particular learning problems or handicapping conditions. 
  7. Previous year’s academic performance. 
  8. Standardized tests. 
  9. Physical and emotional maturity. 
  10. Personality traits. 
  11. Prognosis for development. 

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