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School-to-Home Communication

Communications Office

The goal of the Harrisville Central School District Communications Office is to keep district families and community members informed of all things Harrisville. From updates made on this website to the newsletters that appear at your door, our office is dedicated to making sure the lines of communication between the district, members of our district and community are strong.

Public Information Specialist Zach Ribert is a member of the Capital Region BOCES Communications Service and lends part-time support to our office.

Stay Connected

ParentSquare | SchoolTool Parent Portal | Social Media


ParentSquare is the primary school-to-home communication system of the Harrisville Central School District. ParentSquare is designed to be a “one-stop shop,” helping to both keep families informed and strengthen their connection with the district. The platform allows the district to inform families of news, potential emergencies and school announcements in a timely fashion.

District families may access ParentSquare online or by downloading the ParentSquare mobile application:

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SchoolTool Parent Portal

Harrisville Central School District uses a web-based student data management system known as SchoolTool. This system allows parents to monitor their student’s progress at any time. This can be helpful to monitor attendance, work completion or grades on exams/tests.

In order to take advantage of SchoolTool, you must establish an account. You may make a SchoolTool Parent Portal Account Request online. Once you have received your new account, it is recommended to review the SchoolTool Tutorial.

Trouble Logging In?

If you are using a bookmark to access SchoolTool, please be aware the login page changed during the summer of 2023. Create a new bookmark after signing in using the current SchoolTool login page.

Other Troubleshooting
  • Clear your browser cache and restart your browser.
  • Verify the user email is spelled correctly.
  • Verify the user password is typed correctly.
  • Verify that you are clicking the correct button that is intended for your SchoolTool login.

Please note: Three incorrect attempts to log in will lock your account. If this occurs, please contact Secretary Alicia Mera at amera@hcsk12.org with a request to unlock your account. If you forgot your password, remember to include in your request that it be reset. You may also contact Guidance Office Secretary Julie Chartrand at jchartrand@hcsk12.org or by calling (315) 543-2920, ext. 4 for help.

District families may access SchoolTool online or by downloading the SchoolTool mobile application:

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Social Media

In order to maintain a strong connection to the greater Harrisville community, the district maintains certain social media channels. We encourage you to join us there and post your comments, questions and media.

Your voice matters to us. However, we ask that your posts on the Harrisville Central School District social media pages follow our rules and guidelines, and that anything we talk about there is district-related. Because our focus has always been students, the social media pages will be closely watched and moderated.

  • Ask questions, but please maintain student privacy.
  • Share media, but be mindful and use good judgment about what you post.
  • If you run a local business, we wish you success, but we will not allow promotion of your business on our social media pages. We are education focused.

Social Media Channels

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More Information

Communications Office
14371 Pirate Lane
Harrisville, NY 13648
Phone: (315) 543-2707

Zach Ribert
Public Information Specialist
Capital Region BOCES