• Dear Parents-

    Here are some short lesson ideas I've been compiling/making. More to come everyday, so check back frequently!

    -Mrs. Stamp


    Musical Glossary for Kids-a great overview of all terms related to music (credit to Megan from KCCSD)

    Music Resource Guide for Students-this includes music theory lessons, where to find the best music related apps and educational games, info about finding second hand instruments, getting into college for music, and so much more! (credit to Megan from KCCSD)

    A Music Playground for Kids: Music Theory Lessons-Fun Music Theory lessons for kids. Special thanks to Shana Mendelson and her awesome Junior Girl Scouts for referring me to this!

    Music Notes-A Guide to Music for Kids-This is a website with lots of options for small lessons to do from home on music theory, history, and much more!

    Music Instrument Making Crafts-How many of these you want to make depends on your tolerance for noise :-). We're going to be be doing some of these when we get back to school, they look super fun! I'd love to see videos of instruments students have made!

    Berliner Philharmonica-The Berliner Philharmonica has this great website where you can watch live streams, look up previous performances, and watch films and interviews.

    The Beatles Google Doc Slide Show-This is a short lesson to get your students familiar with the awesomeness of the Beatles :-)

    Radetsky March Play-A-Long-The Radetsky March is a famous march played around the world, especially in Austria at New Year's. Its fun to clap along to, and this video helps students practice note value recognition. They will recognize the notes as "ta" or "ti-ti". Look up live versions of the Radetsky March so that sudents can name the instruments for you!

    Mystery Science Activity of Sound Waves-This is geared more toward grades 4-6 and includes and video and activity print-outs and answer keys. I found that it kept asking me to become a member, but if I just "x-ed" out of that box, I could still access all the resources. Go to YouTube and type in "Slow Motion Orchestra," and you will see the sound waves that instruments produce as they happen. Very cool!

    Interactive Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra-Lots of fun and interactive games on orchestra instruments. You do need Adobe Flash Player.

    New York Philharmonia KidZone-This is an amazing website. I could spend hours on here. It has tons of music-related activities for kids to explore, or all ages!

    Student Composition-This one is strange, but fun. Kids compose music with things like dirty socks and racoons with sunglasses. Again, its possible that I could spend hours messing around with all the options on this one!

    Classics for Kids-Great website where kids can learn about composers, play games, and explore. We'll be using this one when we get back to school!!