• Dear Parents-

    Below is a compilation of many neat music-related video resources I've been compiling. Enjoy! I would love some feedback about what your kids liked, didn't like, or found interesting. Feel free to e-mail me at gstamp@hcsk12.org or call my cell, (315) 523-5916.

    -Mrs. Stamp

    Star Wars Boomwhackers-Pretty self explanatory....and very cool! 

    Line Rider-Moonlight Sonata-This video is a great one to watch and get immersed in classical music. Line Rider has TONS of music videos, including some from the Nutcracker Suite, which students are very familiar with. Look up and explore!

    Mr. Roger's Plays the Glass Harmonica-This is so neat, and you can look up more glass harmonica (sometimes called the glass armonica) videos!

    What is Sound?-Video that explains, with lots of fun examples, what sound is. And they have a British accent, what could be better?

    Lazlo Learns the Recorder-This is a cute book about learning to play the recorder. 3rd and 4th graders will totally get the agony of it right now :-).

    Kitty Alone-Songtale link that the kids will be familiar with-a story is sung.

    Father Grumble-Songtale

    Jenny Jenkins-Songtale

    Never Play Music Right Next to the Zoo-cute book that is read/sung