• Advanced Art: Drawing

    Course Overview

    Mrs. Atkinson

    Students will obtain knowledge of drawing styles, examine the history of drawing, learn new techniques, and produce work demonstrating their growth in the drawing process.  Students will have the opportunity to showcase your work throughout the school and at various outside exhibits. Students will be expected to work independently and be self-motivated.  Students will be expected to plan out their projects through inspiration, research, and sketching.   This class will give students the opportunity to develop their skills and engage in the creative process.  Students may need to use time outside of class to fully develop their projects.


    Grading: 50%-Projects

                   30%-Sourcebook Assignments(sketchbook)

                   20%-Daily Effort

               Student project evaluations will be based on effort, craftsmanship, creativity, and completion of requirements. Students will actually be evaluating yourself on the projects as long as you are following the guidelines! It actually makes it more meaningful for the students. The sourcebook will consist of in class assignments as well as assignments expected to be completed outside of class (homework). Students will also be asked to keep notes and sketches for projects in your sourcebook. It is important that students have their sourcebook here everyday! Sourcebooks will be turned in and graded every 5 weeks to make sure all assignments are completed. I will also check for completed assignments in class on various occasions. Students are expected to keep all sketches, drawings, and projects through the semester to be evaluated as a portfolio as part of the final grade.

               Supplies: “8 x 11” or 9” x 12” Sketchbook


                (these materials need to be brought to class everyday)


    Classroom Guidelines:

    1. Arrive to class on time and be prepared to work.

    2. Create a comfortable environment for everyone including the teacher and your fellow classmates.

    3. Work hard and put forth your best effort.

    4. Respect art supplies and artwork.

    5. Cell phone use is not allowed in class unless permitted for listening to music

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