• 8th grade Art

    Course Overview

    Mrs. Atkinson

           In 8th grade art, you will explore the seven elements of art and how they are used to create works of art. The projects will explore a variety of artists, styles, technique, and media.

    Grading: 25%-Projects-requirements


                     30%-Sourcebook Assignments(sketchbook)

                     20%-Daily Effort

               -Your sourcebook will consist of in class assignments as well as assignments expected to be completed outside of class (homework). You will also be asked to keep notes and sketches for projects in your sourcebook. It is important that you have your sourcebook here everyday. Sourcebooks will be turned in and graded every 5 weeks to make sure all assignments are completed. I will also check for completed assignments in class on various occasions.

    -You are expected to keep all sketches, drawings, and projects through the semester to be evaluated as a portfolio as part of your final grade.

    -Art materials can be signed out to complete projects outside of the room. You are responsible for returning all materials.


    LATE POLICY: Late projects must be turned in the next school day and 25 points will be deducted. We will usually spend 3-5 weeks on a project. Absences during that time do not affect the deadline date except for long term absences with extenuating circumstances.

    CELL PHONE POLICY: cell phones are to be placed in the “Phone Zone” at the beginning of class. Cell Phones may be permitted for the sole purpose of listening to music with ear buds. IN this class cell phones are not for: watching movies/shows/videos, texting, taking selfies, snapchats, social networking, or making calls.


    Supplies: “8 x 11” or 9” x 12” Sketchbook


         (these materials need to be brought to class everyday)


    Classroom Guidelines:

    • Arrive to class on time and be prepared to work.
    • Create a comfortable environment for everyone including the teacher and your fellow classmates.
    • Work hard and put forth your best effort.