• A 21st Century Learner describes the qualities Harrisville students will need to effectively function in a modern world. These attributes will continue to be incorporated by our staff as we look to improve instruction and offer a more relevant and rigorous educational program.

    Our students will become Effective Communicators as evidenced by:

    • Exhibiting appropriate interpersonal skills for effective dialogue.  
    • Mastering skills in listening, speaking, reading, and writing in English and other languages. 
    • Collaborating strategically in a technology-rich environment.

    Our students will become Global Learners as evidenced by: 

           • Understanding and respecting individual and cultural differences.
           • Seeking out new cultural experiences that broaden perspectives.
           • Drawing upon the strengths of other cultures.
           • Collaborating in languages other than English.
           • Working with others to understand current events and pose solutions for global issues.
           • Exhibiting positive interpersonal relationships that value multiple languages, cultures, and all persons.

    Our students will become Critical Thinkers as evidenced by:

           • Soliciting and considering different points of view prior to decision making.
           • Evaluating resources in all forms for validity and accuracy.
           • Applying information and appropriate skills to new contexts/situations.
           • Articulating solutions to real-world problems that demonstrate a sound rationale.

    Our students will become Socially Responsible Citizens as evidenced by:

           • Participating in school and community initiatives.
           • Exhibiting responsibility for personal well-being and compassion for the well-being of others.
           • Following the civic principles, ethics, and virtues necessary for sustaining the common good in a democracy.
           • Understanding the importance of sustaining a healthy planet.
           • Pursuing a range of interests that exhibit a balance of physical, social, and intellectual activity.
           • Demonstrating a strong work ethic.